Dangerous Event Unfolding – Fatalities Confirmed

By Jim Stefkovich, Meteorologist, Alabama Emergency Management Agency
CLANTON – Saturday, 12 pm, January 11, 2020

An embedded tornado within a long line of intense thunderstorms has resulted in three fatalities near Carrollton in Pickens County.

Everyone needs to be in a safe, sturdy building by the earliest arrival time at your location shown in the graphic above and remain there until the line of storms passes. In addition, for this event, NWS Severe Thunderstorm Warnings should be treated like Tornado Warnings.

An intense line of severe thunderstorms with embedded tornadoes will occur with this line as it moves across the state this afternoon. In addition to tornadoes, widespread straight-line wind damage will occur.

Straight-line wind damage will look like tornado damage in some areas, except over much larger areas.

If you live in a mobile/manufactured home, go to a sturdy structure.
Have at least two methods to receive severe weather information that does not include an outdoor warning siren. If you own a weather radio (and you should), when’s the last time you changed out the batteries? Widespread power outages are possible and your radio won’t work if the batteries are dead.

Finally, know what county you live in as well as your surrounding counties to give yourself a “heads-up” buffer as storms approach.2


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