November Begins Secondary Severe Weather Season

By Jim Stefkovich, Meteorologist, Alabama Emergency Management Agency

CLANTON – 2 pm October 30, 2018

Although still officially in Hurricane Season, Alabama also begins its secondary severe weather season in November. In looking at the graphic above, November is ranked as the third highest month with tornadoes since detailed reporting began in 1950.

Although the graph at the top is about tornadoes, you need to take Severe Thunderstorm Warnings seriously, as much of the actual damage that occurs across the state from year to year comes from non-tornadic winds. Now is the time to ensure you have at least two methods to receive weather warnings and can receive them where ever you are.

Spend some time reviewing severe weather safety videos that were done by the National Weather Service in Birmingham.

To receive detailed forecast information, go to and click on the area of the state where you live. This will direct you to the local National Weather Service Office that serves your area.

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