Threat of Severe Storms Sunday and Sunday Night

By Jim Stefkovich, Meteorologist, Alabama Emergency Management Agency
CLANTON – 7 am April 22, 2018

Although the Storm Prediction Center (SPC) has “only” a marginal risk in the dark shaded area of the graphic above, there will likely be a few rotating storms and thus the potential for some tornadoes this afternoon and tonight. The first time for each section is the earliest time severe weather could begin, and the second time is the when the severe threat will end.

Although widespread clouds and rain will be present today, a surface low pressure center, located in southern LA at 7 am, will swing northeast, reaching western AL by late afternoon and moving into TN this evening. This low pressure system will aid in the formation of rotating updrafts, and rotating updrafts could lead to a few supercell thunderstorms, producing straight-line wind damage and/or tornadoes. However, confidence in development of severe weather is low at this point.

Still, it is wise to remain weather aware this afternoon into tonight, be able to receive severe weather warnings, and make sure you activate your emergency plan, no matter where you are.

Finally, 1-3 inches of rain will occur across much of Alabama, ending near midnight for the western half of the state and around sunrise Monday over the eastern half. Widespread flooding is not anticipated, but don’t be surprised if a couple of flash flood warnings are issued. Never drive into water of unknown depth. It only takes around 18 inches of water to make your vehicle lose contact with the road.

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