Threat of Severe Storms Sunday and Sunday Night

By Jim Stefkovich, Meteorologist, Alabama Emergency Management Agency

CLANTON – 3:30 pm April 22, 2018

There is an increased risk of isolated severe storms over southern Alabama, especially east of I-65 and south of I-85 through midnight. Although widespread clouds and rain have occurred today, enough atmospheric instability and turning of the wind with height has led to some rotating updrafts and isolated supercell development.

Possible tornadoes have already occurred in both Dale and Montgomery counties and a couple of tornado warnings are in effect as of 330 pm. A tornado watch is in effect in the yellow shaded region of the map until 9 pm CDT.

Continue to remain weather aware this afternoon into tonight, be able to receive severe weather warnings, and make sure you activate your emergency plan, no matter where you are when a warning is issued. For more information on developing an emergency plan, go to


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